UCCVF has been blessed with wonderful staff since its formation in the 1960’s. We were delighted to call
Reverend Nathanial Mahlberg to serve as our pastor in 2022.


Director of Music Ministry:

Office Administrator:

Rev. Nathaniel Mahlberg

Gail Craven

Renee Miller

Leadership at UCCVF is split into 2 bodies: 
Church Council handles the general administration and supervision of the church and its activities
meeting monthly with much work being organized and implemented within various standing committees,
the Board of Elders focuses on community care of our congregation and its divisions called “flocks.”

Church Council

Board of Elders


Vice President:



Financial Secretary:

Deb McAleer

Diane Hedrick

Holly Branham

Brian Wynne

Charlotte Emrich

Vicki McKeefery

Catherine Smith

Joan Walkup

Shannon Mudd

Juliana Flora