United Church of Christ at Valley Forge

45 Walker Road | Wayne, PA 19087


[email protected]

Ph: 610.688.8588

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The United Church of Christ
at Valley Forge

Mission to others is an integral part of the United Church of Christ at Valley Forge.  We are a “5 for 5” church - supporting all five of the UCC denomination-wide offerings:  One Great Hour of Sharing, Strengthen the Church, Neighbors in Need, The Christmas Fund and Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM).

But mission is more than the giving of money; it is also the giving of our time and talent. Youth and adults of UCC/VF travel near and far to help others.

Come join us! To view current fellowship & outreach opportunities , see the News & Events page or read the current Forge newsletter.

Here are some opportunities that are either ongoing or recently offered:

  • The Other Carpenter
  • Shelter Night
  • Mission Trips
  • Hope Outreach
  • Giving Tree
  • Old First Soup Kitchen

Ministry of Mission

Reaching Out to Those in Need

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