Mission to others is an integral part of the United Church of Christ at Valley Forge.  We are a “5 for 5” church – supporting all five of the UCC denomination-wide offerings:  One Great Hour of Sharing, Strengthen the Church, Neighbors in Need, The Christmas Fund and Our Church’s Wider Mission (OCWM).

But mission is more than the giving of money; it is also the giving of our time and talent. Youth and adults of UCC/VF travel near and far to help others.

Come join us! To view current fellowship & outreach opportunities , see the Events page or read the current Forge newsletter.

Here are some opportunities that are either ongoing or recently offered:

  • Old First Soup Kitchen
  • Black Lives Matter public witness Mondays at 5pm
  • POWER Metro
  • Giving Circle

UCCVF carries out its mission in several ways:

●  Serving the wider community (local, Philadelphia, state) by partnering with other organizations, e.g. homeless shelter at the Old First Reformed Church in Philadelphia , the local LGBTQ Equality Alliance, a Philadelphia-based arts organization called Artwell and the social justice work of Philadelphia-based POWER Interfaith and its regional POWER Metro arm

●  Supporting UCCVF members via the work of the elders and other members

●  Supporting UCC ministries across the United States and around the world through

our five mission offerings.

Much of UCCVF’s mission work is supported by informal teams of two or more members who do not need to report to council. Those teams include:

●  Three groups addressing anti-racism via (1) sidewalk vigils, (2) member education, and (3) how resources can be better channeled to support people of color

●  The very recent [launched Jan 2021] formation of a “Giving Circle” fund to invest with money – and volunteer time – in local organizations.

●  Caring Crafters which makes craft items to donate or sell to help charitable organizations

●  Lean-on-Me Prayer group who offer 1-on-1 prayer after worship services

●  Prayer Advocacy Ministry group which prays regularly for the concerns shared on

the weekly prayer list

●  Shelter Night Volunteers at Old First Reform

●  POWER Interfaith / POWER Metro